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The Ragdoll Cat is calm and trusty and these characteristics make them ideal for homes that have children and elderly people. These are cats with fur that is semi long, and their name is due to their muscle laxity that manifest when you take them in your arms. The males can weigh up to 5 and 9 kg, while the females can weigh about 3 to 5 kg. They grow slowly and reach they full size, when they are three years old. The color of their coat becomes darker by age 2 or 3.

It is important to point out that this race grows in stages, first the cat becomes long and then wider. Also they have a little belly in the lower abdomen which is very characteristic of this race. This does not implies that the cats need to be on a diet.

This cat is strictly an indoor cat. This means that he/she would be very happy in your home (apartment, house?) The fact that they are inside the home makes them very happy because the closer to people the better they are. This does not mean that the cat will not be happy with an occasional outing to enjoy the fresh air. This outing needs to be under supervision to assure that the cat will not get lost, or be harm.


    The Ragdoll is a cat with semi long coat, with a variety of five patterns:

  • Ragdoll ColorPoint The pattern Color-Point has darker dots than the rest of the body, the contrast is very marked. They do not have white color in any part of their body, foodpads and the nose, are of darker color.

  • Ragdoll Mitted The Mitted pattern: is the same as the Point pattern, but with white gloves on the front and back legs. They should be white up to the hocks, they also have a line in the interior part of the body (the stomach area), that goes from the chin to the base of the tail. It can have a white stain in the face, that goes from the eyebrow to the nose. Sometimes they have it on the superior lip. The chin should be white.

  • Ragdoll Bicolor Bicolor patter: the ideal bicolor pattern with only one third white on the back. The paws and the inferior part of the body are white entirely, with the white color extending all the way to the face, in an inverted "V" shape.

  • Ragdoll Tabby The Tabby Pattern or Lynx: supersedes all of the other patterns. It has black stripes on the edges of the ears and it has outlined eyes. One of the characteristics is that they have an "M" in the forehead.

  • Ragdoll Tortie The Turtle pattern: The females have this pattern. Their characteristics are rounded spots cream colored, if their coats are Seal color.


    The little Ragdoll cats, are born completely white. At about one week of being born, they begin to show the color and the pattern. The main colors are: Seal, Blue, and Red. From these colors there are other variations that are Diluted, Faded, Chocolate, Lilac and Cream.


The ragdoll cats have a coat that is semi long and they do not require of special care:

1.- Brush their coat once a week to maintain their fair soft and fluffy.
2.-Give them two baths yearly with shampoo specially for cats and for their coat care.
3.- Visit the veterinary every 6 months for checkups and vaccinations.
4.- Trim their nails if necessary. Never declaw them.