Misi Angash Ñawi

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In this space you can ask us any questions, concerns or comments, if you are interested in purchasing one of our cats question about availability, there is a waiting list.

History Ragdolls Mexico

Everything started two years ago with the search of a pet that would be extremely affectionate, sweet, intelligent and faithful. But at the same time that she/he would have personality, elegance and would be dependent. With this description in mind we found the Ragdoll cat's race which meets and exceeds the description above.

As soon as we started our search for this wonderful race, we became aware in Mexico the Ragdoll's Cattery did not exist. Therefore, our search expanded to a worldwide level and when we finally found them we did not acquire one but two! This is how the family and the idea of Misi Angash Nawi Ragdoll's cattery arose.

Misi Angash Nawi Ragdoll's is a family cattery. Our kittens form part of the family. Our policy believes in having the cats/kittens free of cages and with their claws intact??? They share the same space but at the same time they have their own special areas that have been specially constructed to satisfy their needs. Soon we will have an outdoor area, our cats will enjoy the fresh air without being expose to any danger.

We belong to The Feline Federation of Mexico A.C. (FFM) O that at the same time is affiliated with the International Feline Federation (FIFE). Our affix Is MX Misi Angash N. Our family is still small and will be growing Little by Little. The family members are: one male that has just arrived from AR*Illari Misi Wasi Little Russian. Three females: ES*Lechatte Ragdoll Sapphira, ES*Lechatte Ragdoll Galatea y AR*Illari Misi Wasi Ohiro.

Misi Angash Nawi is a protective mantra that means "beautiful profound blue eyes" this way our little ones , will count on an extra protection when they leave our cattery to go to their new homes. We hope you enjoy our visit!!